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EW 042 Green Lantern

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Re: EW 042 Green Lantern

Postby crusherhogan » Sun May 27, 2018 10:40 pm

Tony Stark's Car Special Defense:
IT'S STILL ROLLING...: STOP. When this click is revealed, KO Tony Stark's Car but leave it in its squares. (Don't generate an object.) Roll a d6, turn Tony Stark's Car to the blue click number equal to the result, and it is now Special Terrain.

ONE LAST EARTHLY MISSION: When another friendly character is KO'd, place a Resurrection marker in a square they last occupied. Give Green Lantern a free action when she is adjacent to a Resurrection marker, you may choose the name of a friendly character with a point value of 10 or more that has been KO'd and hasn't yet been chosen this game. Replace the Resurrection marker with a KO'd character with that name and give Green Lantern an action token, if possible. Turn the KO'd character to any click it could have been on this game. At the beginning of your next turn, remove that character from the game but don't score it.

Can you choose Tony Stark's Car for OLEM?
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Re: EW 042 Green Lantern

Postby hcrulesteam » Fri Jun 01, 2018 1:20 am

crusherhogan wrote:Can you choose Tony Stark's Car for OLEM?


Note that the Resurrection marker could not be placed in a square of the special terrain, so it would need to be placed in the next nearest square. Also note that the figure base for Tony Stark's Car would need to be in the KO area in order to be chosen for the OLEM effect, so the special terrain would need to be KO'd first in order for the base to be in the KO area.
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